ejie belum pernah ngulas tentang diving dan istilah-istilahnya…
ini ada 1 blog yang mengulas mengenai al tersebut.

semoga bermanfaat yah teman-teman.. πŸ™‚

kirkscubagear's Scuba Scoop

Mares X Vision Scuba Mask

Thanks to Sport Diver and John Brumm

A leaky mask has got to be the most annoying thing a diver has toΒ  deal with when trying to enjoy a dive (with a fogged-up mask coming in a close second). So any extra effort you can invest in the dive store fitting a new mask to your face is definitely time well spent.

However, the standard dry-fit procedure of centering the mask on your face, making sure all skirt edges are in contact with your skin, then inhaling gently β€”without the strap attached β€” to see whether you can get an airtight seal, won’t necessarily guarantee that you’re going to have a leak-proof dive. While some lucky divers are able to put their masks on and hit the water and never touch their mask for the entire dive, for most of us, getting our mask fully sealed takes a little finesse…

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